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MetaEpica, one of the most poetic and Mona Lisa-level NFT collection is created by artist Marina Núñez. Growing is the main theme of MetaEpica.

A future in which heroes are no more those heroic images that we used to know, not in battles nor with super power but intimately in harmony with their environment, acquiring power from nature and become landscapes themselves; a future for which these 3,768 epic NFTs on Ethereum give rich and precise metaphors.

MetaEpica is aiming to lead the discussion of the trend to art history and collect-to-earn in Web3 as well as the physical world starting from the successful opening of the first Global Crypto Art Exhibition in the 59th Venice Biennale hosted by GCA DAO.

As a MetaEpica holder, you’re not only a owner of a provably-rare piece of art, you are gaining membership access to a club whose benefits and offerings will increase over time. Your MetaEpica can serve as your web3 identity, you will be an ambassador of the Web3 art world to encourage and to help more collectors in contemporary art get involved in crypto art collection.

Together, we will create some new concepts to change the crypto art history – come and join the movement now!

About the artwork and artist

Marina Núñez the creator of MetaEpica is an extraordinary artist who closely integrates her concerns and ideas with digital art creation, and her brilliant visual language prompts us to see the world and ourselves from another perspective.

We use MetaEpica to identify with each other in order to communicate our consensus, differences and even opposing views of the world and art, without missing the equally outstanding artists and their work as much as possible.

Nearly hundred of artists, collectors, art dealers, art critics, curators, and early crypto investors from over 14 countries have joined the GCADAO and MetaEpica communities through early effort, investment and sponsorship.

This is the meaning and value of MetaEpica as a pass for outstanding artists and top collectors.

More information about the artist:

What MetaEpica collectors will get from the growing?

From the sneak peak of the works we can see that beside the beautiful landscape and the magical figure with deeply observing eyes, the growth substances show the main theme of MetaEpica.

The collectors of MetaEpica will get the following privileges:

— High resolution print version of the art works with permanent ownership as long as you hold the NFT as secured and tamper-resistant certificates.

— Sharing the most valuable crypto art information to help your decision making of investment and collection.

— Collecting art in the projects released by GCA DAO as priority group with top collectors discount or even randomly free drops.

— Participating the governing of the community by voting for some key decisions making.

— Profit sharing of future projects operation by working team and councilors of GCA DAO, both in crypto and physical world.

Four Seasons of Growing - Symbiosis with MetaEpica, Grow with Art in Crypto World

MetaEpica will take place over four seasons and continue to grow with the art community.

The start price is 0.15ETH and will be increased by 0.02 ETH with every 1000 NFTs.

Season 1 - Sowing (Seeding)?

— MetaEpica for Goldlists: 501-1500 NFTs, 0.15ETH for each, up to 5 NFTs for each wallet.

— Sales will start from September 19, 2022 12:00 (GMT), those prepay donors' wallets will get airdrop without paying gas.

— Donation window will open till Sep. 25 and the screenshot will be at 12:00am GMT.

Season 2 - Budding

— MetaEpica NFT 1501 - 2500.

— Selling price 0.17ETH.

— Time: Right after Season 1 sold out.

Season 3 - Bloom

— MetaEpica NFT 2501-3768.

— Selling Price: 0.19ETH.

Season 4 Sequel Results and Continuation

— The blind box will open.

— When: Season 3 sold out or October 7 at 12:00 GMT.

I want prepay for
MetaEpica NFT by
0.15 ETH
Repurchase platforms: Opensea, Element.

MetaEpica Growth Roadmap

Community Growth

— Four weeks after the sale of 2,500 NFTs, the biennale artist NFT collection and the art community development plan will be released for holder community vote.

— Eight weeks after sold out, an art NFT issuance platform will open for registration, new artist NFT projects will start pre-sale, and MetaEpica holders will be air dropped randomly.

— Twelve weeks after sold out, the trial version of NFT issuance platform will be on site, an art camp in real world growth plan will be released for community vote.

— Sixteen weeks after sold out, the art camp entity certificate will be issued, MetaEpica holders will be airdropped, the donation window will be opened, and preparations for the Biennale Metaverse exhibition will start.

— Twenty-four weeks after sold out, the art camp plan was launched, revenue of the camp and issuance platform sharing plan was launched.

Brief Introduction of Major Growth

Projects for MetaEpica Community:

The growth of MetaEpica is based on the continuous mining and development of GCADAO's high-quality art resources around the world. The involvement of value-based investment both in the physical and crypto world, and the realization and result of the revenue mechanism in the tokennomic based ecosystem will be shared with every NFT holder.

Projects in the preliminary plan include:

The Time of the Chimera Selection: selection of works by artists participating in the 59th Venice Biennale, limited to 300 pieces, sold to collectors in crypto and traditional art markets.

The Time of the Chimera Art Factory: The 59th Venice Biennale participating artists' individual NFT projects will be released, and more than 15 artists' NFT projects will be released through the chain and traditional collection markets.

Epic Reproduction Art Lab: Through cooperation with top artist foundations, collectors, and art galleries, encrypt and convert a large number of artist works with art historical value, confirm rights through NFT, and share human culture and art with collectors boutique collection.

MetaEpica art NFT Issuance Platform: The above-mentioned NFT projects and the creations of new artists in the future will be selected through community council voting and entered into GCADAO's exclusive , issuance platform for primary market sales.

GCADAO Art Camp Growth Plan: Select artists gathering places, physical art exhibition and operation spaces in Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia, realize actual participation and intervention in real scenes through an tokenomic model The income and other results of art project will be tokenized and put into the vault of GCA DAO and shared by the community.

Utility Token Issuance Project: issue utility token based on existing art assets in a proper time, and comprehensively promote the liquidity growth of art value.

Frequently Asked Questions

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